Thursday, 9 February 2017

Fixing Page Numbers

Looking at my magazine, I realised that there were massive inconsistencies with my page numbers and where I put them, so I have now fixed this issue as you can see below:
I realised that the page number and website display on my contents page was on the wrong side. The contents page is page 3 so therefore it is on the right side of its double-page spread, which means that the page number should also be on the right side. I have also changed the colour of the page number and website display to the shade of red which matches the red box at the top of the page. This is because I couldn't use black or white because of the contradicting colours of the background and cover model image, and the fact that yellow was too bright and not visible enough on the white section, so I used the only other colour within my house style which thankfully is a lot more effective. Also, the first page of my double-page spread introduction to the interview as well as the interview page itself should be on even-numbered pages as they are on the left-hand side of their spreads. Therefore, I have changed the page number that the cover story starts on to page 88 rather than 87.

On my double-page spread introduction, I originally didn''t add page numbers because I felt they wouldn't be necessary. However, looking at the pages, I changed my mind and implemented the page numbers in the bottom corners with the magazine's website next to them, like I have done for the other interior pages that I have created. For page 88, the display is white because I tried using black and it did not blend well with the photo. I mistakenly stated originally in the contents page that page 88 was actually page 87, but this has now been corrected, both on that page and this page. The page number displays are on opposite sides of their respective pages which creates a more symmetrical design.

On my interview page, in the bottom-left corner, I have changed the page number from 89 to 90. This is because this page is on the left side of its spread, which means that it is an even-numbered page.

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