Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Evaluation Q3: How did you use new media technologies in the construction and planning, research and evaluation stages? - Planning, Preparation and Research - Script for Podcast

I used several different technologies during the planning, preparation and research stage of this project. I used YouTube extensively during this process, as it allowed me to view the opening sequences of the three mockumentaries I looked at in-depth, which I would then go on to analyse. I also used YouTube to upload the preliminary filming that me and my partner recorded, based on the first scene from the British sitcom The Office. Blogger was a vital technology throughout this stage. It's a platform that allowed me to upload all of the research that I had accumulated, as well as everything else that is related to my project as a whole. Google was another essential tool. It gave me the ability to search for whatever I needed to research almost instantly, which helped to make the stage easier and quicker. In terms of presenting my work, I used the platform Slideshare, which allows me to upload my created PowerPoints onto the website and embed them into my blog. I also used Emaze to upload my analysis on the opening sequences of the three mockumentaries. I like this  platform as I was easily able to embed the opening sequences themselves from YouTube into my presentation, which helps with context for the viewer. Prezi was another presentation tool that I used. This is one of my favourite tools to present my work because it is easy to master and the designs are great to look at. Some of my work was created using PowerPoint, which I am very familiar with, so it was easy and quick to create. I then uploaded this work to my blog through Slideshare, which I mentioned earlier. I used SurveyMonkey to create a questionnaire concerning ideas for my mockumentary. For example, I asked a question about the age of the person taking part, in order to get a general consensus of what my target audience will be. The final presentation tool \I used was Visme. This was the only tool that I was not familiar with from work in the past. However, this tool was very simple to get to grips with and also I was able to create some aesthetically pleasing presentations.

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